The Clear Choice

I recently read that the average person encounters around 3,000 advertisements a day. That’s insane! Our generation is constantly bombarded with commercials, flyers, and billboards all fighting in an endless war of catchy slogans and impossible to forget jingles to do one simple thing, influence. There seems to be a revolving door of bearded men with rippling biceps on a screaming Harley drinking a strategically placed bottle of beer, tall slender brunette supermodels wanting nothing more than to go dancing with you if you would just wear a certain cologne, or aging shirtless rockstars revealing that the secrets to all their wealth and fame have been consolidated into a magical energy drink that will give you the ability to Continue reading


About Me


Thank you so much for your time to view this blog. I live in Birmingham, AL with my beautiful wife and best friend, Mary. We currently serve as student pastors at The Sanctuary Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Bessemer, AL and have a true passion for reaching young people with the message of Christ. I hope you will enjoy reading these posts and find something valuable inside. Thanks again and God bless!